Your Tesla will soon be able to follow you around and Auto-park

An update to Tesla’s “Summon” auto-parking feature might present to some users within weeks, according to a tweet from Elon Musk. The Summon+ upgrade will make it possible for a Tesla to not just park itself as it does now, however will have the ability to “drive to your phone location and follow you like an animal,” according to Musk when he announced the feature last November.

Although today Musk verified Summon+ will most likely release to early-access program owners “in a few weeks,” he also noted that the feature was “getting some regulatory pushback” and “may not be readily available in all areas.” Nevertheless, Musk did not elaborate regarding which areas Tesla was getting regulative push back from.

When Summon+ does launch in areas that approve it, it will be compatible with all Tesla cars made in the last two years.

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