U.S. vice-president states success of Syria strikes


Vice-President Mike Pence state the United States did the morally best thing when it assaulted Syrian chemical weapons centers in retaliation for an attack on civilians.

Pence credited the strong management of President Donald Trump and U.S. allies for conducting exactly what he said was an effective strike without any reported civilian casualties.

He informed press reporters at the Top of the Americas in Lima, Peru, on Saturday that the operation “considerably deteriorated” and “degraded” Syrian chemical weapons abilities and that the objective was “totally accomplished.”

He likewise stressed that the president made clear the U.S. is “prepared to sustain this effort.”

He says there will be a rate to pay if Syrian chemical weapons are utilized once again. Last weekend’s believed chemical attack killed 40 civilians, including ladies and children.

Pentagon primary spokesperson Dana W. White and Marine Lt. Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. inform journalism on operations in Syria.

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