The US Will Look For Opportunities To Work With New Pak Government

The United States will “look for chances” to work with the new leaders of Pakistan after they form the government and will aim to advance security, stability and prosperity in South Asia, a State Department official said today.

The US is waiting for the complete main arise from the Election Commission of Pakistan and observer objectives to launch their initial findings, the State Department spokesperson stated.

Imran Khan has claimed triumph in the basic election after his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf emerged as the single-largest party in the National Assembly, amid allegation of rigging of the survey in his favour.

Mr Khan’s celebration is leading on 109 seats, according the most recent main results.

“As Pakistan’s elected leaders form a brand-new federal government, the United States will search for chances to deal with them to advance our objectives of security, stability and success in South Asia,” the State Department representative said.

The representative likewise stated that the US was “concerned by reports of restrictions placed on liberties of expression, association, and journalism preceeding the elections”.

Eliot Engel, ranking member of your house Committee on Foreign Affairs, expressed issue over the “outsized role” the military played in the election, stating this has actually been another missed out on opportunity for the people of Pakistan.

“I wish to praise the people of Pakistan who braved different hardships to cast their votes. I was enthusiastic that Pakistan would build upon its 2013 elections which saw the nation’s first successful democratic shift from one civilian federal government to another,” he stated.

“But I take extremely seriously the accusations that Pakistan’s military played an outsized role in forming the electoral environment in advance of the elections,” Engel said.

He, nevertheless, stated that he eagerly anticipated working with “whatever government comes to power” but kept in mind with dissatisfaction the missed opportunity to advance democracy in Pakistan.

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