Sony Ramping Up 3D Camera Sensor Production, Apple Interested

Sony is increase its production of 3D video camera sensors after seeing increasing interest from major mobile manufacturers, including Apple. An example of effective usage of 3D cameras is the TrueDepth innovation in iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR.

As per a report by Bloomberg, mentioning sensing unit department head Satoshi Yoshihara, Sony has increased production for 3D sensors for both front and rear electronic cameras. The interest not only comes from the Cupertino giant, however likewise different other makers that were not called due to privacy. However, the report does mention that Huawei is using Sony’s 3D sensing units in its 2019 smartphone designs.

The 3D sensing units from Sony distinguish from the competition by using an approach the company calls ‘time of flight’ (ToF). It works by seeing out laser pulses (unnoticeable to human eyes), to determine the time it considers them to get better. This offers a more accurate reading of 3D things and bodies. The intriguing bit about this method is that it promises to provide precise readings for items at the distance of five meters, which is not supported by even Apple’s existing TrueDepth tech.

Apple has been a key gamer in establishing AR with its ARKit, with reports of the company developing AR Glasses for a 2020 launch date also. This could be an essential combination to make the innovation more precise and in turn make AR more relevant to everyday apps.

However real-world applications of AR have been limited, and it’s yet to be seen whether it can be utilized beyond ‘gimmicks’. Additionally Sony’s real-world use of the 3D sensing unit is still unidentified at this point, so it remains to be seen how the tech shapes up in 2019.

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