Pokemon Go Finally Gets ‘Trainer Battles’, Offering a PvP Mode

Pokemon Go has finally received the much-anticipated PvP mode that lets you challenge another trainer and battle them utilizing your Pokemon collection. Called “Trainer Battles”, the feature was showcased alongside the formal launch of Pokemon Go back in September 2015, and since then, it’s been teased on the internet. Publisher Niantic Labs on Thursday started rolling out the PvP mode that was at first limited to level 40 gamers. However, soon after its preliminary rollout, the new function debuted for gamers on as low as level 10.

As revealed through a tweet on Thursday, the Trainer Battles feature on Pokemon Go was at first presented for level 40 players. The game has now, nevertheless, expanded its presence for players on as low as level 10. This is the irreversible minimum requirement for the function.

With the Pokemon Go Trainer Battles include, you can use your strategies and abilities to fight with other players in your area and earn in-game benefits. You and your rival requirement to be in the very same area to begin the battle. As soon as you both remain in the same place, you can either pick the contender directly from your friends’ list or simply scan the QR code readily available on your challenger’s screen. There is likewise an option to remotely cope competitors who are noted as your Ultra Friends and Best Friends on Pokemon Go or experiment some artificial intelligence (AI) backed group leaders.

” Battles are fast-paced and real-time, so do not expect to wait your turn!” the Pokemon Go team explains in an article. “Your selected team of Pokemon will be able to perform both their Fast Attack and Charged Attack moves. In preparation for fight, you’ll even be able to use Stardust and Candy to unlock a bonus Charged Attack for your Pokemon.”

You can select any 3 Pokemon characters from your collection to battle with other fitness instructors. Likewise, the selected characters can be changed in between the three mid-battle.

Pokemon Go notably has 3 different Trainer Battle Leagues, particularly Great, Ultra, and Master League. You and your challenger can only complete in the same Trainer Battle League that also determines the CP limit for the getting involved Pokemon.

There is an ability to release a Protect Shield to secure your Pokemon from important damage when you’re keeping an eye on your challenger’s relocations. Nevertheless, it is important to note you have a limited number of shields. On the part of in-game rewards during fights, you’ll be given some rear development items.

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