Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox Consoles Are Codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart

As we’re getting closer to the end of the present house console generation, new details are emerging about what we can anticipate from the next gaming systems from Microsoft and Sony. Now, it seems that Microsoft will have two consoles SKUs readily available at the supposed 2020 launch- one will be the follower to the flagship Xbox One X, while the other could be a relatively less-powered, but more affordable option, comparable to the Xbox One S.

We had actually previously reported that the next generation of Xbox console household is code-named ‘Scarlett’, now a report on Windows Central states that the Xbox One X successor is code-named ‘Anaconda’, while the lesser powered console is code-named ‘Lockhart’. Fans of the Microsoft console may remember that the Xbox One was code-named ‘Durango’ prior to its official statement back in 2013. Lockhart is stated to boast hardware that’s similar in specs to the present Xbox One X console, which suggests it would can running video games in 4K. Anaconda on the other hand will boast advanced specifications for a visibly remarkable video gaming experience. Both consoles are likewise rumored to have SSD drives for storage that will significantly lower video game load times.

The consoles are likewise reported to support ‘Game Core’, which belongs of Microsoft’s platform-agnostic ‘Windows Core OS’. Video game Core must help make the next generation of consoles in reverse compatible with supported Xbox video games of all previous generations, and will likewise pave the future of having the exact same games playable on Windows as well as Xbox consoles moving forward. Of course, all this is simply speculation at this point, and we’ll need to wait and watch just how much of this really pertains to fruition.

Besides these there are also rumors about the present generation Xbox consoles getting variants without disc-drives in 2019. This need to make the new variants significantly more affordable than the disc-based variations. Additionally, Microsoft is likewise dealing with Job xCloud, which promises to stream high-end games to any Internet-connected screen.

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