Fortnite for Android Not Getting 60fps Support Anytime Soon: Epic Games

With Fortnite Season 7 on the way, designer Epic Games has let it slip that Fortnite Mobile for Android will not get 60fps assistance anytime soon. Squirrelled away in a post on the Fortnite site is details concerning Fortnite 60fps gadgets which presently consist of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR with iPad Pro getting the option quickly. At the moment, Epic Games is working with Android mobile phone makers to make it possible.

” However, we know our Android gamers are curious about whether they’ll see the exact same improvements,” the post checks out. “While we do not presently have a timeline, the group is working on Android optimisations together with phone makers, that will hopefully enable us to support 60fps on certain high-end Android gadgets.”

In the very same post, Epic Games detailed that including 60fps to Fortnite Mobile isn’t simply an easy task of adding it in the alternatives menu.

” We’ve gone through extensive tests to make sure the game can maintain such high frame rates for a variety of matches without overheating or degrading the general experience over the course of a match,” the post reads. “High frame rates are great, however if it’s just for a few minutes it doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

Previously, Epic Games revealed that Fortnite Season 7 would begin with December 6. Impressive Games confirmed that it would be winter-themed spectacle as well, hinting that the Fortnite map would feature snow and ice. Thinking About that Fortnite Season 6 ends on December 4, a 2 day space prior to the next set of events is par for the course.

Like previous Fortnite Seasons, Fortnite Season 7 will bring with it new gear, obstacles, and naturally, changes to the video game’s map. We might likewise see new mini-games make their method to the battle royale shooter such as playing golf in Fortnite Season 5. With a Fortnite Season 7 release date of December 6, anticipate the Fortnite Season 7 start time must be 9am BST (1:30 pm IST) on December 6.

“A bitter ice spreads … 3 days to Season 7,” checks out a tweet from the main Fortnite account validating when Fortnite Season 7 would start and meaning snow and ice including greatly too. The consisted of image with the tweet likewise recommends that snowboarding would belong of the celebrations too. It makes good sense when you consider that it starts in December which generally is a period of cold weather condition in the northern hemisphere.

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