Drake reveals he has secret child on his latest album


Rapper Drake has subtly exposed that he is a father on his much-anticipated new album..

The hip-hop star, from Toronto, drops the bombshell that he has a child in a track called Emotionless on his new album Scorpion.

He raps: “I wasn’t concealing my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid.”.

Later on in the track he hints that he is sorry for seeing the youngster only as soon as and draws contrasts to his own damaged house.

” Always assured the family, I desired it to be different since I’ve been through it, but this is the extreme truth now.”.

Scorpion, the 5th studio album by the triple Grammy Award winner, also sees him reanimate the voice of the initial King of Pop Micheal Jackson.

Nearly a years after his death, Jackson makes a visitor look in Don’t Matter To Me, a track which compliments the vocal styles of the 2, and includes Jackson’s distinct voice on the chorus.

” All of an abrupt you state you don’t desire me no more, all of a sudden you state that I closed the door, it don’t matter to me,” Jackson sings.

Drake revealed nothing about the song’s genesis, however Jackson is understood to have actually left a series of unfinished tracks when he passed away in 2009. A previous posthumous duet, Love Never Felt So Good, came out in 2014 in between Jackson and pop star Justin Timberlake.

Like Don’t Matter To Me, the Timberlake collaboration was credited in part to the famous crooner Paul Anka.

Jackson had actually been working on an album of duets with Anka, the voice behind such classic pop hits as Put Your Head On My Shoulder, in 1983.

The tune comes out little more than a day after the death of Joe Jackson, the King of Pop’s father and manager.

Jackson is not the only special guest on Scorpion. Rap mega-star Jay-Z lends rhymes on Talk Up that knock President Donald Trump – an unusual political referral for Drake who, regardless of explaining his contempt for Mr Trump, has actually mostly stuck to apolitical, crowd-pleasing rhythms.

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