CES 2019: What to Expect at the World’s Largest Tech Fair

CES is simply around the corner and like every year, the tech industry will exist in Las Vegas next week to provide us a peek at what to expect over the 2019 and in the coming years. Despite the fact that the big tech names like Apple, Google, and Samsung choose to show their items at the fancy standalone occasions, CES 2019 will not be a barren land. The event is expected to be filled with the companies from all sorts of the industries like smartphones, PCs, TVs, drones, telecom, transportation, wise home, and a lot more. CES 2019 opens January 8 and will continue till January 11. The first media events however, will start from Sunday, January 6 itself.

Here’s a peek at what we are anticipating to see at CES 2019.

The huge mobile phone brand names generally avoid the CES to focus more on the Mobile World Congress in February and this year is unlikely to be any different. However, we anticipate to see some quirky gadgets, niche phones, as well as a few budget friendly and mid-range phones from the smaller sized players. Sony particularly has been rumored to be revealing the Xperia XA3-series and Xperia L3 phones at its CES event.

Collapsible smartphones are also likely to produce some buzz at the occasion. Pretty much every big mobile phone company has actually been rumored to be dealing with a collapsible gadget, nevertheless the likelihood of a main statement is slim. Sony is holding its CES press conference on Monday.

Even though 2019 is the very first year that consumers will start getting to experience 5G, the innovation will have a considerable presence at this year’s CES. Everyone from the chipmakers to device makers to telecom operators are going to showcase their executions of the innovation. There are at least 3 conference sessions on 5G innovations as well as 5 significant exhibitors that are going to speak about the next-generation network.

We likewise anticipate to see implementations of 5G in other industries like automobile, PC, house automation, and IoT.

Over the last couple of years, CES has actually become one of those places where vehicle industry likes to showcase what they are dealing with in regard to the future of the market, like the self-driving tech, transportation drones, wise lorries, electrics automobiles, and more. This year is anticipated to be quieter, but we still anticipate to see a variety of things from the industry.

The similarity Yamaha, BMW, Audi, Hyundai, Kia, and Mitsubishi are concerning the expo to reveal their concept vehicles in addition to any insane things that they are working on.

Amongst the specific products, Hyundai is bringing an idea automobile to the CES, which the company declares might not just drive like a cars and truck, but also stroll and climb up. Called as Hyundai Elevate, it does not appear like your common car. Electric car start Byton will also talk a little more about its concept automobile, whereas Kia wishes to speak about the post-autonomous driving age. The business will have a ‘Space of Emotive Driving’ display at the expo, which it claims will showcase the world-first psychological AI-based optimized and interactive in-cabin space centred on human senses. Hyundai is holding its interview on Monday.

In terms of the tvs, bigger and better screens is likely to be the mantra of this year’s CES expo. In spite of the paucity of 8K content, the 8K TVs will continue to dominate the exhibitions from the significant tv brand names. LG has already revealed an 8K TV design that the company plans to showcase at the expo, and Samsung can likewise be anticipated to showcase 8K designs. 4K TVs and lifestyle-focused TVs from the likes of LG, Samsung, Panasonic, and TCL will likewise make their existence felt – all of these producers are holding press conferences on Monday, and we can expect their statements then.

As for any major display innovation enhancements, don’t keep your hopes up, but the software is definitely anticipated to see some statements. More TVs are likely to pack assistance for at least among the leading voice assistants in addition to other clever features.

Virtual assistants
Apart from their presence in the wise tvs that we simply pointed out, virtual assistants are expected to show up at all sorts of places during the expo. Both Amazon and Google have apparently prepared big exhibits for the CES. While Amazon will discuss Alexa and its ever-increasing integration in the home appliances and other devices, Google will like to draw the attendees’ attention to the Google Assistant. It is quite possible that we will see some consumer electronics business reveal clever speakers with several digital assistants. Samsung is already rumored to be featuring a smaller version of its Bixby-powered smart speaker and it may appear at the exposition.

Smart homes
Connected devices have constantly been a big part of the CES and this year is not going to be any different. Don’t expect any big statements though. It is probably going to be the regular stuff like more fridges with clever features, ovens with voice assistant support or some other household appliance that is now linked to the Internet. Expect to see a brand-new generation of items like smart doorbells, clever locks, and clever lights. C by GE has currently exposed that its plans to triple its clever home items and will be showing them off at CES. Furthermore, Whirlpool has actually stated that it is incorporating Wear OS by Google in its ovens, washers and dryers and this is just one part of their CES wise house statements.

Virtual truth gadgets utilized to be a staple of CES for many years however there is no longer the case. The consumers are still waiting for a really mobile inexpensive VR product and until that happens, the sector is unlikely to produce any major buzz. So, we are not anticipating any significant VR-related announcements this year, however like the last year, HTC will be present at the expo as the token major VR company to announce something new. The business has actually teased a brand-new item for the occasion, however it is uncertain just what we are going to see.

AR, on the other hand, is most likely to have a comparably bigger presence at the trade fair. We are hoping to see interesting AR applications and brand-new hardware.

AMD, Intel, and Nvidia
Although we have no confirmations on any actual items, the chip giants like AMD, Intel and Nvidia are anticipated to have a good existence at CES 2019. The other huge chipmaker Qualcomm has actually currently shown most of its new tech at its own Snapdragon Tech Summit last month, but is likewise holding an event on Monday that might include a few statements.

It is rumored that Nvidia may unveil the GeForce RTX-graphics for laptop computers at its event on Sunday. On the other hand, AMD is stated to be bringing the Ryzen 3000-series with a brand-new 16-core Ryzen 9 CPU. Likewise, Dr. Lisa Su, AMD President and CEO, is making a keynote speech on Wednesday, which would be an excellent place to reveal the company’s a few of the major upcoming items. Finally, Intel is not anticipated to make a big splash, but might have a couple of statements up its sleeves on Monday or Tuesday.

We need not advise you that Gadgets 360 will be present at CES to bring you all the details right from Las Vegas. You can follow along with our continuing protection of the event at CES Hub.

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